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Alfamail believes that knowledge is the most important ingredient for making the right decisions. Knowledge about what happens within a project or collaboration is a real game changer when it comes to success. Three important anchors in this are transparent, traceable, and secure communication. That is why we facilitate, support, and maintain a complete online software platform and we bring together communication and information exchange through a standardized process.

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Every day we work with twelve professionals on the software, we answer your questions and we improve your user experience. Working with our team is like working with your colleagues. With us you are therefore not a number, but a friend of the show. Get to know our team and we look forward to meeting you.  

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Webinar | The benefits of integrations with Alfamail

13:00 CEST | Dutch | Online

Alfamail is a helpful system for structuring and organizing project communication. When everything is stored within ISO software, this information can also be shared and stored with other document management systems. You need APIs to do this automatically. But what are they? And how does an API work? We explain all about this in this webinar.

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