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Failure costs and delays due to miscommunication are among the biggest challenges in projects. Alfamail ISO 29481 simplifies and improves coordination and information transfer between all parties involved in a project. The software offers a wide range of management tools to make the right decision in your project. With a focus on transparent, traceable and secure communication.

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Advantages of Alfamail

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Web-based solution
  • Secure role-based access
  • Send attachments up to 25 GB
  • Easy to integrate

Tailor-make your
business processesy

Your organization does not have to invest in the purchase and installation of a software package for applying ISO 29481. You pay a monthly subscription fee for using Alfamail ISO 29481, or per project, per user.

Work anywhere, anytime.

Working in your ISO 29481 software on the construction site or on the go is no problem. Alfamail is a web application accessible from any device with internet access. In addition to desktop, Alfamail is easy to use on laptop, tablet and mobile. Installing software or an app is not necessary. You always have the latest software version, so always up to date.

This is what makes the difference

Receive notifications before
exceeding deadlines

Never forget deadlines and respond too late to outstanding questions. Our software will send you a notification with a shortcut to respond two days before the response period has been exceeded.

Downloadable reports,
one click away

With Alfamail you can easily create reports and overviews that help you manage and control the projects. In addition, you immediately have all the information at hand to present it to the rest of the team.

Easily scale your

Simply start with one project and let the use of ISO 29481 grow with the number of ongoing projects. This keeps you in control, overview and gives you time to accustom your team and the client to ISO 29481.

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What our customers think of our software

Many canal walls in Amsterdam are at the end of their lives. Replacing these walls is a complicated project that can take up to five years of preparation and execution per part. We need a good project management and communication tool to manage these projects and minimize the risks. ISO 29481 is very valuable for this.


We mainly communicated via email before we had Alfamail. It was sometimes difficult to find things and you had to search many systems. In Alfamail, all information is kept in a safe archive outside our own organization. This archive is easy to search. We have more control over information during and after projects.


We have seen that ISO 29481 can be used for many different purposes. For example, to improve internal processes. In 2016, we created a procurement framework for the procurement of civilian services. In 2017, we set up a framework for external staff. We believe that Alfamail is a very broad employable tool.


Success is a collaborative effort

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