Press release: COVID-19 preparedness at TECHNIA


Jonas Gejer | 20 March 2020 | Stockholm

This is an important press release from our CEO Jonas Gejer to our customers.

Dear Customer,

As COVID-19 impacts us all globally, TECHNIA is well prepared to manage this crisis with our proven business continuity plans and protocols, which includes the ability for our employees to work remotely and seamlessly support our customers while keeping our employees safe.

The health and safety of our Customers and Employees is always our top priority and with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, I would like to take a moment to personally share with you the ways we at TECHNIA are ensuring continued safe and effective operations. We have implemented a number of sensible policies to this end. Our teams are actively monitoring recommendations and guidance from the federal, state and local agencies and insititutes to help ensure the actions we are taking are in line with best practices. We are also actively communicating with our employees to ensure our entire organization is prepared to act on any guidance we may receive.

This, however, hasn’t slowed our operations. We continue to offer our Customer access to our services remotely to ensure continuation of ongoing projects. In case you are planning any new projects in near future, rest assured that our team is available to assist you remotely.

Thank you again for your continued trust in TECHNIA. Please know that we have and will continue to monitor the situation and take whatever steps we can to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on our Customers and Employees, while providing you the level of service you deserve and expect. Together, we can get through this.

Best Regards,
Jonas Gejer

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