Utility template

Do you want to kick-start your collaboration? Use one of our ISO templates. During a project collaboration you will pass four states: definition, design, prepare, realization and aftercare. This utility template is based on the FIDIC Yellow contract and helps utilities to put the right transactions of a collaboration in place. Projects of utilities usually require different processes and agreements then other civil infrastructure project. With this template you know you have a tested and improved processes in place. This framework has a few standard transactions, but it is always possible to make some small adjustments, so it fits your project perfectly.

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A selection of our transactions

  • Tests on completion (FIDIC Yellow, Chapter 9);
  • Variations and adjustments (FIDIC Yellow, Chapter 13);
  • Contract price and payment (FIDIC Yellow, Chapter 14);
  • Employer’s and contractor’s claims (FIDIC Yellow, Chapter 20).

Tailor-make your
business processesy

Every FIDIC-Yellow project can make use of this standard role card, which project is filled in specifically. Think of the roles from the FIDIC-Yellow: employer, engineer and contractor. In addition, there are of course more roles available. View the role card for this.

Why work with ISO 29481?

The realization phase template is ready to go. You simply register your project and Alfamail makes sure you can enter your project environment within a few days. The roles make clear who is responsible for what task. You easily form a project file that records important communication and decisions.

This is what makes the difference

Extensively tested
and improved

Thanks to our community, we can continue to develop our templates on the basis of feedback from practice.

Quick and easy
to implement.

Get started quickly with ISO 29481 with our templates. This allows you to work in your project environment within a few days.

Clear structure
100% VISI proof

With the standard templates from Alfamail you can be sure that you can meet the requirements of the ISO 29481 system.

This is how the implementation proceeds

Easy in three steps

In step one, you include ISO 29481 in your tender, specifications or contract. Then you choose the most suitable framework. Finally, we organize your project and you can get started in your Alfamail project environment.

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What our customers say

Many canal walls in Amsterdam are at the end of their lives. Replacing these walls is a complicated project that can take up to five years of preparation and execution per part. We need a good project management and communication tool to manage these projects and minimize the risks. ISO 29481 is very valuable for this.


We mainly communicated via email before we had Alfamail. It was sometimes difficult to find things and you had to search many systems. In Alfamail, all information is kept in a safe archive outside our own organization. This archive is easy to search. We have more control over information during and after projects.


We have seen that ISO 29481 can be used for many different purposes. For example, to improve internal processes. In 2016, we created a procurement framework for the procurement of civilian services. In 2017, we set up a framework for external staff. We believe that Alfamail is a very broad employable tool.


Success is a collaborative effort

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