Alfamail Designer Software

A tool to model, analyze, simulate, automate and control internal and external project communication. That is Alfamail Designer. With this, our consultants translate your quality manual and contract into a ISO 29481 framework. Curious what our designer will look like? Sign up for our updates via the button below.

Advantages of Alfamail

  • An online tool
  • Easy to use
  • Use on a subscription basis
  • Alfamail Designer training
  • and many more

Tailor-make your
business processesy

Do you find it difficult to monitor and optimize the structures and processes of your project? Are you looking for more efficiency and a lower margin of error? And do you want to make employees more involved in the project? Then the Alfamail Designer is something for your organization.

No more Business Process Management systems needed

Business Process Management systems are large, expensive systems that can do a lot. These are good tools for Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN), but they are too much of a good thing for more pragmatic communication and process management.

Do you want to describe processes in such a way that they can be understood and used by the entire organization? For example, to instruct employees or to clarify how communication is going on in your organization and with contractors? Have more options for actually securing processes, but not getting bogged down in large systems?

Then Alfamail Designer can help you.

Sneak Preview?

We consciously choose to develop Alfamail Designer with the intended target group. We think it is important that you believe in our plans and feel involved in what we achieve. We see it as the ultimate test for the necessary support. If we can develop this with the future users, then this tool has a right to exist.

This is what makes the difference

Perfect combination
with ISO 29841 software

You don't have to be an expert or consultant to create a ISO 29481 frameworks. The software makes the complexity of the open standard simple, and validates whether your framework is ISO-compatible.

Visual representation
of processes

Why bother when it can be done easily. Outline your roles and responsibilities, and draw the communication flow. Use the intuitive charting software to map and communicate about your workflows.

A library with
ISO 29481 frameworks

Our library with the most common ISO 29481 frameworks gives the beginner a quick start. But also for experienced builders of models for communication processes.

Stay tuned for more details about the Alfamail Designer

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