Press release: Rijkswaterstaat and Alfamail by TECHNIA Celebrate 12-Year Partnership


Fabiënne Heikens | 14 October 2020 | Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

TECHNIA today celebrate over 12 years of cooperation between Alfamail by TECHNIA and Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. In 2020 there are more than 1000 users and 60 projects in Alfamail VISI. The partnership began with the Project Reconstruction national road N57 – for access to Middelburg and improvement in the North-South connection – which was awarded to the contractor combination Strukton/Rasenberg.

This initial project was notable as one of the first projects in the Netherlands with contract form UAV-GC and open standard VISI. Kick-off was an on-site training in Middelburg. After the training, project communication in Alfamail VISI started with 15 project employees and grew to 32. Partly because the internal acceptance and review procedure of Rijkswaterstaat was modelled in the VISI framework.

And following the first project, VISI was introduced organically at Rijkswaterstaat. These projects are extensive, complex and require time, attention, and precise commitment. Stand out projects from this partnership include:

  • Reconstruction highway A20, N456 connection Moordrecht;
  • Waterways Zeeland Delta;
  • Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere, highways A1 / A6 (first project with BIM deliveries via COINS);
  • New Lock Terneuzen (first project with SharePoint integration);
  • Afsluitdijk 2018 – 2047;
  • E/W/C performance contract Oosterscheldekering (more than 14,000 transactions!).

The choice of VISI was intrinsic to these projects and was first facilitated by Rijkswaterstaat department Central Information Facility (CIV). Currently, the use of VISI is further secured in the organization through department Large Projects and Maintenance (GPO). Here, Alfamail by TECHNIA supports functional management (contact: Boyke Djorai) to bring the use of VISI within Rijkswaterstaate to an even broader and higher level.


“In any case, following the VISI use of recent years, it can be observed that, with the help of this open standard, projects have been given a tool to communicate transparently and predictably and perhaps more importantly, to enable self-reflection with regard to the communication and handling of process requirements from contracts. As a result, we are continuously working on improvement and professional clientship.”

Boyke Djorai
Senior Consultant Civil Engineering | Rijkswaterstaat


“With my own eyes, over the past 12 and a half years – project by project – I have seen more people within Rijkswaterstaat become convinced of the added value of open standard VISI and Alfamail.”

Jeroen van Geijlswijk
Product Manager | Alfamail VISI


For the last six months, training sessions have been held online, for example through Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. For example, consultant Thomas Brink provided an online VISI introduction for project “Performance Contracts Northern Netherlands”.

Want to learn more about VISI at Rijkswaterstaat?

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About Alfamail by TECHNIA

Alfamail is based in Nieuwegein and has been operating with VISI software within the Civil Engineering sector for over 15 years. With Alfamail VISI, a team of experts support more than 60 customers in the Netherlands, including Rijkswaterstaat, water board Hollandse Delta and Heijmans. Alfamail VISI makes project management simple and helps maintain structure and overview in your project.

About Rijkswaterstaat

Rijkswaterstaat is the implementation organisation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and works daily to ensure a safe, liveable and accessible Netherlands. We want to live in a country that is protected from flooding. A country where there is plenty of greenery, and plenty of clean water. And where we can get from A to B smoothly and safely. The people of Rijkswaterstaat are committed to this every day.


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