Because we care about our living environment, we continuously assess our thinking and actions on the consequences for people, society and the environment. We are aware of our socially responsible role and have therefore drawn up an appropriate policy for this. This is improved every year so that we can continue to develop quality, safety and sustainability.


In 2003 Alfamail was certified for the open standard VISI / ISO 29481-2:2012 / ГОСТ P 10.0.04-2012. It implies our software meets the guidelines for standardized collaboration conform these standards.

ISO 27001

In 2022 TECHNIA was ISO 27001 certified. This certification emphasizes the importance of information security.

ISO 9001

In 2015, all of TECHNIA was ISO 9001 certified. This certification emphasizes the importance of the wishes and needs of the customer, quality and continuous development.

ISO 14001

In 2015, all of TECHNIA was ISO 14001 certified. This is based on the possibilities of exerting influence on the environment. Continuous improvement of performance is central to this.

Our socially responsible policy

The TECHNIA quality policy is to continuously improve our processes, products and services to meet or exceed customer requirements.

Quality policy | TECHNIA

The aim of TECHNIA’s equality policy is to create a balance between men and women, so that their competence, experience and values ​​strengthen our team.

Equality policy | TECHNIA

TECHNIA focuses on the design and commercialization of high-quality products and services with a low environmental impact.

Environmental policy | TECHNIA

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