The introduction of a new application or new software in an organization often raises objections. One of those concerns is linkage or integration with existing software or systems. It can be a lengthy process or even impossible. Thanks to the integrations developed by our software development team, integrating with Alfamail shouldn’t be a problem.

Document Management System

Connect your document management system with Alfamail and save all documents easily. This saves a lot of time and actions. An efficient way for project management.

Digital Logbook

The Digital Logbook has been integrated by AndSafety with Alfamail ISO 29481 via our Application Programming Interface. With the push of a button you can send notes and photos with Alfamail ISO 29481.


Our Alfamail APIs are strongly typed, allowing you to build robust, scalable integrations. Do you wish to integrate Alfamail ISO 29481 with another system? We can help you with that.

Make your process execution easier

Need software for VISI / ISO 29481? Thomas is happy to help you