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Transparent, traceable and secure communication. Three anchors within project management which lead to a successful collaboration. With the open standard ISO 29481 and COINS, information and communication between different parties can be easily managed and controlled. Stay in control and overview with a standardized collaboration.

Alfamail ISO 29481

Get a grip on project information and communication with Alfamail ISO 28481 software. Collaborate with multiple parties in one project, based on the agreed project contract. The ISO 28481 open standard ensures a standardized process. This helps to stick to the agreements made. In addition, Alfamail ISO 28481 software provides reports and a digital archive.

Alfamail Designer

Every organization is unique, which is why the Alfamail Designer is the perfect tool for setting up an appropriate VISI framework. Start on the basis of agreements made in the project contract and develop the VISI framework according to the wishes within the project. Get started with the Alfamail Designer and create the appropriate VISI workflow for your organization.

Alfamail COINS

Manage BIM information in Alfamail COINS software. The object is transparent and shareable in a project at a glance. This is not only useful during the construction of the object, but also for future maintenance. Alfamail COINS makes it easy to prevent errors in the BIM information.

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