Event | ISO 29481 & COINS knowledge event

12:30 CEST | Dutch | NBC Congrescentrum Nieuwegein

Since 2003 we have been working daily with ISO 29481 and COINS. Although ISO and COINS are mandatory open standards, many advantages can also be attached to this system. In the past ten years, many improvements have been made, new contract forms have been developed and the maintenance of objects is playing an increasingly important role. During the ISO and COINS knowledge event you will learn about the origins of ISO and COINS, how this system works and what benefits this way of working can offer you. Rob Boersma from the Municipality of Hoorn will also share his experiences as a guest speaker.

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This is what we’ll focus on during this event

  • What is the history of ISO and COINS?
  • What advantages do ISO and COINS offer?
  • When can you use ISO and COINS?
  • How can you start with ISO and COINS tomorrow?

The event is organized in NBC Congrescentrum Nieuwegein and starts at 12:30 with a walk-in. The event will be closed at 16:30 with a network drink.

Specific rules apply in relation to COVID-19. Please travel to the event with your own transport as much as possible, keep a distance of 1.5 meters and wash your hands thoroughly upon arrival. Disinfection gel will also be strengthened so you can clean your hands. You will be contacted shortly before the event to check whether you have any corona-related health problems. We assume your understanding of this.

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